Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме» Despite the fact that Sergey Sichkar almost three years ago left a TV show to talk about him still – too unhackneyed fate of a young man, a rough guy and the athlete, after leaving from “Houses-2”. Sichkar was in jail for selling stolen cars on the black market, but was released early.
Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме»

Today he is living in Minsk, where last year opened a karaoke disco club “Kupalinka”. Showman Rustam Solntsev, who visited the capital of Belarus with a tour, met with a colleague in the most famous in Russia telestroke and especially for the “StarHit” he learned about a new business that Sergei is going to open, and how it changed prison.

Sergei, tell me, do you have a relationship with Alexandra Skorodumova, where the “House-2” have you had relations?
Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме»Yeah, we communicate as friends. Basically, she’s the only one I have kept in touch after the project. She has always supported me while I was in prison, communicated with my relatives.
Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме»
If we talk about the unpleasant incident you had to leave the project that you supposedly sent for himself texting, fighting for the title of winner in the contest “man of the year”… After all these years, admit it: you really were guilty?
Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме»No, continue to stand their ground – violations on my part was not. I think, the audience understand that TNT is a machine, and “Dom-2” – a unique project which deceive an ordinary guy like me can not. If that were true, I would have immediately caught in the initial stages once the first contest, not when the second time I have went hard to win. Where I, born in the small town of Smorgon, and the TNT?! After I left I talked to the project Manager, he confessed that indeed, I was removed as ahead loomed the prospect that I’m gonna win “Man of the year” that the authorities unprofitable – I’m a man of non-scandalous to discuss me interested and make the winner short-sighted.—
This unpleasant fact was followed by the other, you went to prison, where he spent a little less than three years.
Сергей Сичкар: «До сих пор стыдно за годы в тюрьме»Yeah, I don’t. Of course, I am ashamed of that period of time. I believed in friendship, but in vain. I did not seem criminal what we’re doing, because I was not privy to what was going on. I went to the car, which gave me comrade, but it turned out it was stolen. A friend wrote a confession and with him took me. Like, he is a lawyer and so got… Believed this man as a brother… Now don’t trust anyone. —
And now that you have in your life interesting is going on?
First wanted Moscow to settle, but decided to return home. Working in karaoke. With a friend are going to open a recreation center – there is room to grow, something to work on.