Sergey Shnurov will give the fan of 300 thousand rubles

Сергей Шнуров отдаст поклоннику 300 тысяч рублей The musician has encouraged talented fan for his work. A week ago Sergey Shnurov has announced a competition to create the best posters for the anniversary concert. Today it has determined the winner, who will receive a large sum of money.

      A week ago, the flamboyant leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov declared for all the fans of the team competition. Next year the team under the leadership of the famous artist will celebrate the 20th anniversary. Sergey decided to attach to the celebration of all the fans. Cords announced a contest in which can participate anyone. For this it was necessary to invent and illustrate the idea for the Billboard of the anniversary concert. Incentive for participation in the competition became not only the opportunity to be involved in this holiday, but also a cash reward. A week after the announcement of the start of the contest Sergey Shnurov declared the one who was able to fully embody the desired message.

      “Here’s the winner. Prizes will be too. Will write about them later, because so many really great works and very difficult to choose. Thank you!” the musician wrote in the microblog.

      Fans who enjoyed watching the competition was divided into two camps. Some were delighted with the creativity of the winner and found it worthy of victory, while others were upset with this choice of a celebrity.

      “Is this the best job? I’m a little disappointed,” “I’d Watch a dozen of the best in the opinion of Sergey and groups” “Good, positive choices! Somehow direct a lot of joy in this work! Congratulations to the winner”, “everybody loves a Winner. Waiting for the list of incentive prizes,” excitedly wrote to fans and thanked Sergey for the fact that he’s having these contests for all fans of his work.

      For the week the competition had decided to take part a huge number of fans. They gave free rein to their imagination and published a variety of versions of the posters at the jubilee concert. Sergey Shnurov with all members of the team are very attentive to the choice of the winner and were able to appreciate the idea and its implementation.