Sergey Shnurov “time ran” Alice VOX

Сергей  Шнуров «вовремя прогнал» Алису Вокс

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov in his usual manner, commented on the debut work of the former soloist of his band Alice VOX< /strong>. On his page in the social network, the Cord published a video for the song “Hold” which was a cover of the song by Ukrainian singer Andriy Kuzmenko “Trymay ” hand”.

Сергей  Шнуров «вовремя прогнал» Алису Вокс
“How in time chased the woman. Well p….C,” — wrote Sergey under the video.
Recall that Alice left the group a few weeks ago and, apparently, not very well dispersed with the former team, as evidenced by the unflattering words offended his leader. The latest hit VOX in the “Leningrad” was the song “Exhibit”, which was broadcast on the First national channel.

Now Alice has radically changed the style to be more modest. About “past life” and his work in “Leningrad” VOX does not want to talk. The girl admitted that it does inspire other bands like “Depeche Mode” and “Pet Shop Boys”, and Shnurova she never wants to speak.
“About Shnurov I will not speak, this topic is closed to me. My new look completely detached from the story, which was in the group. Now I’m me, so don’t expect me provocative antics. My songs are dance-rock and Synthpop. I have my own way, and I’m happy I can pass it on to the end,” said Alice in an interview.
The first album included cover versions of Ukrainian by Scriabin, but the songs Alice herself, we hear her second album, the first single, which will be held in December.


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