Сергей Шнуров рассказал о достижениях своего сына
The leader of group “Leningrad” has shared a photo of 17-year-old Apollo.

Сергей Шнуров рассказал о достижениях своего сына

The Son Of Sergey Shnurov Apollo

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Shnurov
continued to talk about the “achievements” of their children. Today rock musician
published on the page in social
the 17-year-old son of Apollo,
the post which caused a furore among the
subscribers flamboyant musician.

the son of Apollo are already drinking, not Smoking,
swearing, but not enough’, says leader
group “Leningrad”. — Maintain
family values and traditions are
some flaws, but I have
reason to believe, that all he
eventually, you’ll not be worse than
father. Proud of it.”

For the first time
a photo of his son from his second marriage Sergey showed a year ago. Then publish
noticed not all fans of the star
therefore, for many the presence of a 17-year-old heir, looks very similar to
Sergey, caused sincere amazement and
a lot of hype. Yesterday Sergey
published in his microblog a photo of 24-year-old daughter Seraphim
about the same signature:
“My daughter Serafima drinking, Smoking and swearing.
We are proud!”

Sergei led the fans in confusion
and sparked a wave of condemnation. “Daughter
lovely child, but still… to be proud of
nothing!”, “It’s dad, apparently, so the daughter of
shamed, And she knows that her photo
with that comment you posted?
Why?” “Daughter — beautiful, but
addiction — evil”, “Better
to remove a photo to a daughter not to disgrace!”
— wrote Sergei. However, there was
the singer’s fans, who believe that
the story of the “achievements” of the Seraphim
just a joke. “People! You sarcasm is not
understand?” — supported by his fans.