Sergey Shnurov out after the scandal with Alice VOX

Сергей Шнуров вышел из себя после скандала с Алисой Вокс
The singer explained his position regarding the new smash hit ex-soloist of group “Leningrad”.

Sergey Shnurov commented on new scandal by Alice VOX

Sergey Shnurov has put an end to loud
the conflict over his ex-soloist Alice Vaux, released a solo song
“The kid”. The fact that the leader of group “Leningrad” is very
unflattering spoke about the new creation of the former ward and even wrote
abusive poem on the subject.

“If you shoot the video with lower quality than a beginner
videoblogger, — Sergey wrote in his microblog and published a photo of Alice.
— Where carelessly all: make-up, lights, camera angles, editing; writing text that even
the most worthless site will not accept due to the very primary and uninteresting
rhymes, teaching looks simply inappropriate. Yes, Yes. Exactly. “Start with

Today, Cord decided to assure fans that criticism of colleagues is not
is an insult and called upon subscribers “to wash my hair before
to read” to think.”

“I’m rarely surprised, but some commentators… Write here, crucified, chew,
try to be coherent and understandable, even considerate. Even with the Mat, but not moving
hell, no abusive emotional appraisals, — says the musician. Even
a separate post about not obscene abuse written. If you have noticed, and
the comments I do not insult, do not humiliate, do not call just because it’s
ugly and too pointless. Jaundice I do not like. And if you publish someone else’s
information or photos we take them from open official sources.
All your questionable speculation about the personal motives of others
people keep to themselves because it’s just speculation. Thinking follow
logic and stick to the facts. But all to no purpose. Again imagining that I offend someone
and pour dirt. And some commentators rush to insult me, and other entities
my notes. Here is the place where the real and hideous battle, as
if she really decide to change. Apparently sour Apple knowledge is bad
on digestion and inevitably causing diarrhea weak stomach. Wash your hands before
food, your head before reading!”

Of course, after this post “battle” mentioned
The cord has reached a new level. Perhaps Sergei forgot about
simple Internet rule, known even to the novice blogger: “do Not feed