Сергей Шнуров «обскакал» по популярности короля поп-сцены
“Forbes” has published the dimensions of the earnings of stars of domestic show-business and sport.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: Instagram.com

Today was published the rating of Russian
show business and sport according to the magazine “Forbes”. In assigning a local financial publication took into account three factors: income for the year, media attention and interest that the star causes the audience online. The list of characters caused among Internet users furious excitement: published results were
absolutely unpredictable!

In the list of “Forbes” debuted Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova. According to reports, the financial newspaper, the two presenters
earned almost a million dollars per year. In addition, it was found that
king of pop scene Philip Kirkorov is gradually losing ground. Ex-husband
Alla Pugacheva was in the ranking only in fourth place, behind Grigory Leps with
earnings at 9 million and Sergey Shnurov who has earned $ 11 million.
And the palm got Maria Sharapova, wage which, despite the participation in
doping scandal, was not injured and remained very high. Even disqualified athletes did not have any impact on her popularity or income.

At the beginning of the list were also Natalia Vodianova. All
last year the Russian model, even while living in “interesting position,” continued to work. She managed to get an income of $7 million.

Sergey Lazarev has failed to reach such heights, but the singer was a huge army of fans, which lifted him from earning “only” $1.3 million for seventh place in the ranking of “Forbes”.

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