Сергей Шнуров: «Мне всегда нравился Хрюша с свинством»

Musician children beats, and the songs they wrote. The stock has three.

It seems that soon the leader of group “Leningrad” will cease to be perceived as a bully, rowdy and abusive.

Hard to believe that the same Cord that allowed himself to undress on stage during concert, now advertises the Tretyakov gallery, immersed in the “Black square” by Malevich, soon will take over the show “About love” on the First channel. And recently, wrote a song for the morning program with piggy and Stepashka.

“I’ve always liked always piggy. Their hooliganism. Disgusting” – says the musician.

However, you should talk to Sergei outside the stage – and understand: there it is in the way, and life is a completely different story. “All should be relevance,” – said Cords. And already it’s no wonder with awe and even thoroughness he took to writing children’s songs.

9 months ago it was offered to me. It’s like child birth. Like begat. Funny, now give birth to a third child, to the song has been heard – laughing Cords. — Not that I was doing. You had to learn to understand that kids interested. Listen to foreign counterparts, The Offspring wrote something for children, “King-lion” was revised. Wanted to understand the structure of the song, as children are now communicating. It turned out, there is major harmony, and built on repetition. I realized that I needed a hearty. Knocks, awakening screensaver.

I realized that hardly anyone on the stage would do something energetic. About sad, about meditation, about unrequited love – Yes. In my opinion, it worked. I hope the kids will not be afraid. I have three children’s songs, I showed them only in a narrow circle, the children love. Maybe it will release sometime on a separate disk.

You know, the kids like “Leningrad” and perceive me as some kind of bogeyman that I’m crazy nice. And if you call on the program itself, I think, will be able to talk to the kids about music. According to my children, something I can teach. Daughter back at the philosophical faculty student, son shows outstanding ability in mathematics.”

How to bring up children? I do not know. There’s no pattern of education. Children are all different. Beat? No, I never hit. No kids, never beaten.

Basically, I always wrote songs for children, only to have the big and drunken. Good morning!

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