Sergey Shnurov: “Is sex don’t even remember!”

Сергей Шнуров: «Бывает секс, который даже не помнишь!» Home of rock-n-roll of the country – the permanent leader of group “Leningrad” – April 13 celebrated its 45th anniversary. To congratulate the birthday boy with a round date “StarHit” went with him to the city of Novokuznetsk, in the Kemerovo region where the day of celebration was scheduled to speak. The feast was inevitable.
Сергей Шнуров: «Бывает секс, который даже не помнишь!»

After several toasts adjourned. When the hubbub subsided the Cord shared with us his thoughts on women, sex and modern society…

His identity is extraordinary and, of course, legendary. He could jump on stage drunk, no panties, hiding behind the guitar, to shout obscenities – he got away with it. The surrounding is perceived as a part of the image of the artist. That was not entirely true. The cord was just doing what he wanted and thought was right. After a time, the disposition and actions have become less extravagant. But the frontman is still the same – straightforward, knowledgeable, honest character, whose statements fly in quotes.


“Now more and more goats, so women now are very sorry. Men have become too narcissistic, they enjoy themselves. Left room for experimentation. I remember in 1998 I had a feeling that I can do everything. It is now necessary to limit itself in many respects due to age reasons and obsessive, attention that occurs via social networking sites. Then I was burdened. So, returning to the subject of men. Narcissism grows stronger, and the idea that the woman is better not to listen, because she is the winner of antilogic remains. Nonsense, in my opinion! It is necessary to listen and just to conclusions. The ladies can gather a lot constructive. Their logical apparatus is arranged quite differently. Their intuition is a great thing! Men in this respect easier of the apes: they come from a family of monkeys “ordinary”, “fight”. Back in the days when we had tails, the ladies hung more functions and responsibility.”

“By the way, my wife – as if living, not be there for her, even think I won’t… Matilda – the main prize I got to meet her. Lucky”.
Сергей Шнуров: «Бывает секс, который даже не помнишь!»

“In the day of my birthday we were away from each other: one in Paris to decide questions regarding the restaurant “Kokoko” in Saint-Petersburg, the second – in Novokuznetsk. My wife, naturally, called and happy, congratulations.

The people are of the opinion that for a good mood the man had to have sex with him at least once a day. I would not link these two concepts”.

“Sex is different. It happens once, but so that I remember in the end of days. And it happens regular, but as if it was not. It is not in quantity but in quality.”

“It’s like in school, when we met in the bathroom in seventh grade. It was not a boy who would be silent about your first sexual experience, especially if you were zametki with a girl. “Well, I threw it there nine times,” – he stated proudly. With age can not be sprayed. At least, who, what and why to prove?

On their anniversary made him two gift – released new album “Anything”, the name is because the word excellent – meanings, comprehensive, as happens in life in different ways, some abreitling, and it has a negative connotation. Well, very Russian! The second gift is a Studio, or rather rehearsal, where we will hone the skills of the concert. We have mostly large areas, and you need to do stage movements. Upon arriving home, plan to start training”.


“I realize that the moral fabric of the modern world have not changed for the entire existence. People were people, naked, living in flocks, flying around in their burrows, building high-rise buildings to remind them about the life on the palm trees. Everything is the same. A man driven by conditioned reflexes imposed by civilization, and that civilization tries to contain. With regard to spiritual enlightenment, it is worth asking the question: “when we had it?” When dissenters were burned? Someone said that now people are more callous. These complaints are completely unfounded.”

“Our people like to throw tantrums on various occasions and without. In my opinion, homo sapiens became sentimental. It was affected by the time, undefeated romanticism and seals”.
Сергей Шнуров: «Бывает секс, который даже не помнишь!»

“With a sense of gratitude in all always friendly. Common. Do not think that was the Golden age and they lived on Earth wonderful. Not so long ago in our latitudes could not read and was signed with a cross. Rewind two generations ago – see for yourself”.

“Some still argue that the current generation is deteriorating. Nonsense!”

“Be degraded, if there is any level. Suppose you were an academic, then forgot the multiplication table and forced to sweep. Then Yes. And if you worked as a janitor and work, they did not know the multiplication table, and do not know what is the normal average level.

It is sad to watch those who do not get pleasure from their occupation. Times so vulgar, then she shouldn’t be doing what I do. I long ago do not. Many people go into the service purely to have something. You need to try to break out of such a GIMP, take a chance and bet on something else”.

“We live here and now, and to have fun.”

“Each of our second unique. That almost no one understands. Everyone is trying to hold on to a certain age, to reach a certain point. Never say: “I was held…” Held you when you were born. My main rule that helped to become who I am, not to hold on to old beliefs. They just have a brake that prevents to make a new world. On their beliefs need to learn to look from the outside”.

“Not all the things for which we stand, is what we need and helps. Rather, the opposite.”


“For me, in love everything is allowed, it can overcome any obstacles. If not, then it was not so.”

“I, for one, adore their kids, wife – generally a separate issue. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, due to my constant travel, but remain always connected”.

“A huge amount of time I spend on the road, so actually living with the band… They are not my own blood offspring, and the spiritual – right. We draw a lot from each other. Speaking of family, take, for example, my daughter. Our relationship is completely like my father’s daughter: a complete ranking, seniority, chain of command. At the first opportunity meet, go on exhibitions, sitting in a cafe – we love to talk on various topics. She is good – he enjoys graphic design and has recently engaged in opening their own companies working in this direction. Periodically asks questions, it is necessary to consult. Son Apollo eighteen, in College in the hero-city of Valencia (Spain). Specialization itself is not there. Yes, and it is not yet decided.

His friends also love. But if a friend asks for a debt of $10 thousand, I’ll give it to him, probably, $3 thousand and, hopefully, will never see. It usually happens. The proximity of the well is tested in a similar way, by the way”.

“There is a good saying: “Want to check who is your friend, let me borrow it.”

“My attitude to money is quite simple, but this rule takes place. Why keep up with the extra burden”.