Sergey Shnurov is preparing an exhibition of his paintings

Сергей Шнуров готовит выставку своих картин

It will be held in St. Petersburg the Museum of modern art “Erarta”.

Sergey Shnurov, in the opinion of the majority, only knows how to drink, how to swear well, and to play the guitar. More recently, it was found that a good children’s song says. Well, what else can he do? If you until now thought the same and believed that he knew about Sergei Shnurova all, you are very wrong. It turns out that there is in him and noble talents. Sergey paints!

For longtime fans of the group “Leningrad” is not news. They know that the Cords in the early 1990-ies he studied at the art-restoring Lyceum that he has long been paintings in a genre that he invented himself and called, “brand realism”.

“Brand-realism is the replacement of true reality, reality is made, explains the term Sergey Shnurov. — You are what you eat, what you wear and what car you drive. The inner essence of the person goes by the wayside. It is the brand defines the modern human face. The expression itself occurs through commitment to the brand”.

Incidentally, his picture has repeatedly appeared at various exhibitions. Now the musician has conceived a personal Vernissage. The planned exhibition will be called “a Retrospective brand of realism.” When it opens, is still unknown. But it is clear exactly where in the Petersburg Museum “Erarta”.

“At the exhibition in addition to painting he is also going to represent other objects of his work, told RIA Novosti guitarist Dmitry Guguchkina. — This story of the exhibition began in the summer, then everything shifted to the autumn, now being prepared, the exact opening date I can not name yet”.