Сергей Шнуров готовит большой сюрприз для детей The leader of group “Leningrad” wrote a song for a new children’s program “good morning, kids!”. The show will be aired on the channel “Carousel” from 1 September. The organizers will soon disclose details about the collaboration with the rock musician.

      The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has tried himself in new role. The musician, known for scandalous tricks, has written a song for the program “good morning, kids!”.

      The transfer will be similar to the evening show “good night, kids!”. This Thursday will be a press conference with participation of the leading TV shows of Oksana Fedorova and Nikolay Valuev. Sergey Shnurov will also participate in communicating with journalists. The main stars of the press conference will be the characters of piggy and Stepashka.

      Well-known musician have already visited the Gorky film Studio, where he photographed with dolls-the leading “good night, kids!”.

      “We met with the idols. Stepashka made new, and he is the one genuine of my childhood”, – said Cords, laid out in his microblog a picture with toys.

      With the beginning of autumn, known to several generations of Russians, the program will change. In the new season of the show will be moved to another Studio, and the children’s channel “Carousel” in the air will leave the morning show “good morning, kids!”. Leading transmission will be piggy, Stepashka, Filya, Karkusha and tiger Moore. Details about composition written by Sergei Shnurov for the show have not been disclosed.

      By the way, earlier this year to transfer “good night, kids!” came a new leader Nikolai Valuev. “The proposal to conduct such a programme, I refuse could not, this show everyone was watching, kids were waiting for yesterday. We have already removed four programs that will be released in August. I think that with the characters, loved by everyone from childhood – piggy, Stepashka, Karkusha…it would be easier to convey to the children the values of healthy lifestyle, sports”, – commented on his appointment famous boxer. However, to catch Valuev in the broadcast transmission can be only a couple of times a week. State Duma Deputy explained that he had not much time for shooting. Valuev appearance in “good night, kids”, much debated in the Network

      For several years the permanent host of “good night, kids!” is a model Oksana Fedorova. Fans of the shows were shocked by the news that a woman left the channel “Russia”. But the star reassured parents and their children, saying that the program “good night, kids!” she’s not going anywhere.

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