Sergey Shnurov has told about his paternity

Сергей Шнуров рассказал о своем отцовстве
The leader of group “Leningrad” spoke on the subject of children.

Group “Leningrad” and its leader Sergei Shnurov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Fans of Sergey Shnurov recently interested in
only one question: when the musician and his wife Matilda kids? After all, the leader of group “Leningrad”
familiar with his wife for over ten years. Apparently, the singer was sick not too tactful, and he
decided to dot the i.

“Quite a few times to deal with the statements
or righteous moralists (at least here in the comments, at least in the statements
deputies with the activists), and somehow immediately lost minimal desire to be
a decent human being. It is impossible to find and invent the worst presentation
virtues than their concerned a series of nagging — “what about the children?”,
“what do you say after you?” Boredom. As in faces and in words.
Such hopeless anguish emanates from their claims that I want to do everything to
just not be what they are. Yeah, I don’t care about hypothetical and conditional
universal children because I have my very real”, —
says Cord. — A man’s choice is small. And if he chooses only between
boring and interesting, and your, excuse me,
sadly boring and predictable, as the Soviet counter grocery

Sergei wrote that he is absolutely not important, who and what
think about it while he’s alive. What do you say after his death — it is also not care.