Sergey Shnurov has to break up a fight mate

Сергей Шнуров разнял драку матом

During the concert of the group “Leningrad” in Perm a few drunken fans began to fight. Calm down the audience was able Sergey Shnurov, shouting from the stage one single phrase. Of course, mate.

At the concert there were about five thousand people. Despite the fact that the fans are upset by the departure of the band Alice VOX, the audience has been well received speakers instead Vasilis Starshova and the Florida Chanturiya. Suddenly a scuffle broke out, which, judging by the video, was attended by several dozen people.
The cord for a moment interrupted the concert and shouted from the stage: “Not p….again!”
The fighters listened to Sergey and quickly restored order in the courtroom.
“The Perm was burning” — I wrote on his page in the social network, the group’s frontman.

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