Сергей Шнуров раскрыл правду о жизни с супругой
The other day in Moscow, a popular singer and leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has presented the book “Leningrad. The incredible and true story”.

Сергей Шнуров раскрыл правду о жизни с супругой

At the meeting Sergey talked with the journalists who asked him provocative questions. The actor appeared before the public not a brutal singer, and a loving husband who is kind to his wife Matilda.

To the question about what he most appreciates in his wife, Sergey answered in an unexpected way.

“She has a magic fish soup. What I say to the wife of such care? I love her. This is enough, and even more abundantly… Why are we together? It really is incredible. It is very strange that we are together, but it happened. And she has such wonderful curly hair, by which I could not pass,” shared Cords.

Note that the couple known each other for ten years and try to keep to support each other in everything.

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