Sergey Shnurov has publicly humiliated a former colleague on “Leningrad”

Сергей Шнуров публично унизил бывшую коллегу по «Ленинграду» The musician found a new job Alice Vaux of poor quality. First, the leader of the “Leningrad” condemned the content of the composition of the singer “the Kid”, and the video for this song. According to Sergei Shnurov, the video is “botched”.
Сергей Шнуров публично унизил бывшую коллегу по «Ленинграду»

May 15, ex-soloist of “Leningrad” Alisa VOX introduced a new clip for the song “Baby,” in which she tries on a few shocking images. The artist becomes not only a strict teacher, but the fiery diva. Roller Alice managed to gain over a million views on YouTube, however, most users of the Internet, he was not in the taste – more than 140 thousand spectators have estimated video dislike.

The group’s leader Sergei Shnurov has not left without attention of a record that entered the top 50 rising popularity of videos on YouTube. The flamboyant musician dedicated to her two posts in a microblog – first, he criticized the contents of the song, using foul language, and then spoke negatively about the clip. According to Shnurov, the new work of the two organizations turned out low-quality and contradictory. He believes that the song Alice, claiming some statement contrasts with the fact, as did the authors of the video.

Alisa VOX: “Shnurov had the wisdom and courage not to spoil our relationship”

“It’s like a dirty nurse, lectured on hygiene. Any statement, especially in the imperative mood, claiming the leadership role, whatever it may be in content, should at least not conflict with the form. If you shoot the video with lower quality than the novice videoblogger, where carelessly all make-up, lights, camera angles, editing; writing text that even the most worthless site will not accept, because quite uninteresting preschool and rhymes, teaching looks simply inappropriate. Yes, Yes. Exactly. “Start with yourself” – said the leader of the popular groups in social networks.

Publication Shnurov has caused controversy among its subscribers. Some of them expressed agreement with the opinion of the musician. “All-business”, “soul and sense”, “Well said”, “point”, “Insincere song,” wrote in the comments to his post.

At the same time, other Internet users, on the contrary, found that the Cords too harsh towards the singer and suspected his “black PR”. “Already moved. Further, like nowhere else”, – explained the musician.

After some time Sergey commented on the numerous public speculation about his motivation to dedicate posts to the former colleague. Cords said that he expressed a well-reasoned position based on facts.

“We are impressed by some commentators, although I am hard to surprise. Write here, crucified, chew, try to be coherent and understandable, even considerate. Even with the Mat, but do not cross the line, no swear emotional appraisals Jaundice… I don’t like. And if you publish someone else’s information or pictures and take them from open official sources. All your questionable speculation about the personal motives of other people, keep to yourself, because this is just speculation. In thinking follow the logic and stick to the facts. But all to no avail,” shared the actor.

According to Shnurov, some social media users imagining that he deliberately “pouring dirt” against the creativity of other artists. The musician made it clear that he believes lively discussion that has unfolded in the comments meaningless. “Wash your hands before eating and head before reading!” – with these words he turned to the followers.