Sergey Shnurov has publicly criticized Posner

Сергей Шнуров публично раскритиковал Познера The musician responded to the harsh words of the presenter. After the program of Vladimir Pozner Sergei Shnurov, the audience began to actively discuss this interview. The journalist was asking too tricky questions to the contractor during the broadcast and called it empty.

      The soloist of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov took part in the program of a famous television journalist Vladimir Pozner, which aired in mid-October. During the interview, the host asked the musician tricky questions. Users of social networks found that Posner wanted to humiliate Shnurov and show the audience that the performer is a very shallow person. Mr Putin himself admitted he tried to figure out what exactly attracts people to the musician, who jumps around the stage in pink shorts. The musician couldn’t miss such leading words and left the post in microblogging, which explained how he sees the situation.

      “I had no desire to comment on the program Posner. It seemed that all their conclusions and left. But the refined intellectuals, apparently, so missed, and to wave fists after the fight for them, business as usual. So Vladimir Vladimirovich, that week is finding the time and energy to the remembrance of “no”, “empty”, “powerless” Cord, as if explaining to the audience how to watch and understand the program, so that God forbid anybody did not arise the “wrong” idea about this interview. Anxiety Posner is clear to me, as his atheism. Relegating the role of television God, it would be illogical to recognize the existence of any power above him. Only here he is,” wrote Cords.

      The leader of the rock group considers that Posner was indignant, as the musician expressed appreciation and enthusiasm during the conversation with the journalist. Fans Shnurov noted that disappointed in the host. “From my point of view, Posner failed the interview. Boring and stupid questions, failure to understand the interlocutor, Before me Posner liked, but after seeing the program with your participation, is completely disillusioned. And you dodged very well, and indifference was not a bust”, “In my opinion, Posner in his interview he acted like a mentor, and a Cord was given to understand that the issues are boring, snobbish” – supported musician followers.

      We will remind that earlier the journalist shared his impressions from the ether with Shnurov, answering questions from colleagues in the cafe “Geraldine. “He walked away from the questions all the time. He spun like a snake, he’s something clever – there, here. And I thought, okay, I do destroy the image, but I couldn’t help it, I have no such problems! I was wondering – is the most popular person! What is it, so to speak, power? Out – of anything”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.