Sergey Shnurov has proved that he is the leader of the “Leningrad”

Сергей Шнуров доказал, что он лидер «Ленинграда»
The musician succumbed to the universal fashion to the tests.

Sergey Shnurov

Sergey Shnurov again surprised fans. This time without the change of soloists: the leader of the “Leningrad” passed the test on one of the many online resources.

“Passed the test for knowledge of the songs “Leningrad”, — Sergey wrote on his personal blog. — It turned out that it’s me!”

Meanwhile, a test result which Cords have posted to your blog, reads: “confess! You know all too well the work of the group “Leningrad”. More than 70% of correct answers. You are not afraid?”

But Shnurov hard to scare anything. For example, he is not afraid to change the principals of their popular team. A few years ago, the musician has decided to freshen up the vocal sound of the band and began to invite singers-girls. Among them were those of the singer as Julia Cohen and Alice Vaux. Actually, the popularity has brought them just work at Shnurova. Now with the team are two girls with the original names Vasilisa and Florida.

“I’m trying to do something fundamentally new, such a new, which has not yet
was, — expresses his artistic credo Cords. — And I was completely flexible with Mat or without it, clip it or
article, song or poem. It must be unique. Rotary. Others.
This to me was not without I probably would not have appeared. It can be
vulgar or sophisticated, bold or timid, colorful or illusory,
but not necessarily unique. New can consist solely of quotes
old, but they must be presented in an interesting and hitherto
unseen perspective. Genuine its intonation and style is the only important value. Keep the alignment to the West in popular culture — obviously
a losing strategy. For fashion chase useless, you’re always one step
will lag. To keep up with fashion is possible only in case, if you
ask her yourself”.

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