Sergey Shnurov has dedicated a verse along Natalia Gulkin

Сергей Шнуров посвятил стих наряду Наталии Гулькиной
The pop diva dressed rock star in a shiny shirt with a wolf from “Well pogodi!”.

and designer Natalia gulkin founded and headed the design Studio of Maison
Paillette. The creative team at Maison Paillette specializiruetsya
the creation of exclusive costumes, accessories, clothes and paintings
with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, pearls and sequins. Master
studios use different methods of working with the decor and polysyllabic
types of embroidery, do the inlay of any complexity: the customer
can independently choose the color of rhinestone, pattern, size and
location on the garment.

shimmering paintings have become many Russian stars: Ani Lorak
Christina Orbakajte, Valeria, Anita Tsoy, Nyusha, Yolka, Olga Buzova
Evelina Bledans. And exclusive t-shirt from Gulkin with a brilliant wolf
from “Well, pogodi!” is now wearing and Sergey Shnurov. This gift leader
“Leningrad” in his Instagram dedicated a verse of his own composition:
“Got a free t-shirt / I it is suitable RIL / Wolf cartoon
Bunny / Drank-smoked and cussed. My
life is a stage and the stage loves glitter! Each performance before
the audience should be bright and memorable, because the mission of any artist –
to give people a holiday! Starting his career on the professional
the scene in the popular group “the Mirage” and then in “Stars”, I don’t
imagined myself in anything else except in brilliant and
iridescent costumes. But the times were hard and
I had to think, to dream, to surprise
fans not only creativity, but also outfits.

I went on stage in
makeshift straps of my grandmother’s brooches, stitched her mother’s clothes,
adorned suits, shiny buttons and sequins. Beautiful shoes in
the sale too was not and I was glued to shoes with rhinestones and
glitter was gorgeous! Remember how I taped with Swarovski stones
dress and it caused a sea of delight from the audience… I always come to
the stage in costumes made by your own hands. And I really love it! My
fellow artists have long joked that I have a “disease” — “kamushkami”. When they see something with rhinestones, it is sure
say: “It is in the style Gulkin!” To open such a shop was my
dream and it came true. I am very happy!” Natalia
guarantee: Studio only works with quality materials
therefore, the products retain their original appearance for a very long time.
Inlay can be made even on the most delicate materials such
as silk or tulle. Each work is handmade and is
unique. The sketch is developed personally for each customer.

Chief designer Studio Maison Paillette — Polina Kolesnikova, behind
where the experience of cooperation with many prima ballerinas. Polina — one of
few specialists in Russia who are able to work with embroidery and stones
Swarovski and inlaid with pearls, stones, sequins and crystals.
Herself Kolesnikov said that the inspiration for the design of it
draws on the films of the great Fellini, the comics, the smell of a favorite perfume,
taste of bitter chocolate and black-and-white vintage photographs.