Сергей Шнуров закрутил роман с подругой Матильды
The artist meets with Nika Belotserkovskaya.

Sergey Shnurov, Nika Belotserkovskaya

Photo: Instagram

After her divorce from Matilda Sergey Shnurov again happy
relations. According to “StarHit”, rock musician started Dating Nika
Belotserkovsky. Interestingly, the writer is one of the friends of Matilda.
According to the circle of the couple, Sergey and nick brought together their shared passions and experiences of the past

“Probably they were alike in that both survived the collapse of her marriage, told
edition friend of the couple. They know each other as flaky, you know
perfectly, one hundred years of swirling together in the light, they have common Hobbies… But not
necessary to conclude that at the end of 2017 nick filed for divorce for the sake
Sergei Shnurov, supposedly even then, something began. After all, it
the parting with her husband took place much earlier: ex-husband, oligarch Boris
Belotserkovsky, has been living with a top model and journalist Polina Askeri”.

Not so long ago, Cords and bila Tserkva romantic
vacation in France, where Nicky has a private mansion, and then lovers
he went to Italy. By the way, before Sergei blew up the joint the Network with
former lover Oksana Akinshina. Portrait
Shnurov and Akinshina appeared in the microblog singer, then
the Oksana. Frame caused fans hundreds of questions. “They’re back together?” — the
popular of them. Fans of the couple for many years dreamed of their reunion.
However, their hopes are, of course, did not materialize. Oksana has six years of happy
married with Archil Gelovani, the father of her two children: son Konstantin and daughter Emma.
Last year the couple lived in Switzerland. Akinshina returned to Russia at the end
spring, shortly before the start of Kinotavr, where he acted as a jury member
film festival. Previously, Oksana said that managed
save with Sergei friendships after a breakup, and a few
years ago introduced him to his younger son.