Sergey Shnurov gets rid of harmful habits

Сергей Шнуров избавляется от пагубной привычки
The musician flew to Bali and quitting Smoking.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: Instagram

Sergei Shnurov, whose name for many is
synonymous with Vice, made a new step towards a healthy lifestyle.
It is curious that most fans that are not familiar with the musician personally
believes he leads a strong friendship with “green snake”, but the leader of the “Leningrad”
for many years drank only symbolically and the holidays. Now Cords decided
to try to “engage” with another bad habit and get rid
nicotine addiction.

“I have decided not to smoke, — said Sergey,
which of the Christmas holiday, flew to the island of Bali. It’s an experiment. Two
day without cigarettes. No nicotine filled me in tourist dullness
much faster than it used to be. Thoughts that up to this rarely
went through my head, now disappeared altogether. Cool.”

Fans of Sergei expressed the hope that he
will be able to overcome addiction and give up cigarettes forever. In their opinion,
artist have willpower. Many subscribers Shnurov also began to share with him
own experience of addiction forever. “Thoughts will come, but a little
later, and more light”, “Hold on and don’t give up”, “Left without any problems!
All in our head”, “Suddenly abandoned this habit on the trip.
After returning home, did not smoke”, “Cord reached enlightenment,” the
users commented on its microblog.