Сергей Шнуров сердечно поздравил с днем рождения солистку группы
The leader of the “Leningrad” remembered history Dating singer.

Sergey Shnurov and Vasilisa

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Shnurov touching congratulated with the birthday of the soloist
his group Vasilisa, remembering the story of their acquaintance.

The singer was twenty-two years. “Less than six months with
the moment when she first came on the scene as part of
The “Leningrad”, — says the leader of the group. — And I have a feeling that
it has always been. Organista and the restless. Fire woman! After the first
concert with the new girls, behind the scenes, abandoning the tools we all
hugged, laughed and cried, jumped and screamed. It was successfully ended
adventure, like a Bank robbery. To rehearse the program for three days
it is impossible, but the girls did it! I looked at the smiling and tearful
Vasilisa and Florida, in their happy glowing eyes, and it was bliss. Our
little happiness. Be happy, Bob, and the rest steal!”

We will remind, in March of this year the soloist Alice Vaux was fired from
group, replacing the star of the music video “Exhibit” two girls, which, according to rumors, the Cord
found in one of the karaoke clubs.

Three days after his sudden departure from the group
Alice was a concert with the new members of the “Leningrad”. And although at first
Vasilisa and Florida has caused a negative reaction from most fans already at a rock festival “Invasion” the public met Babes very well.

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