Sergey Shnurov can become a model for erotic goods

Сергей Шнуров может стать моделью для создания интим-товаров

Sergey Shnurov — one of the most eccentric artists on the national stage. A mixed reaction from the public cause as the song leader of group “Leningrad” and its behavior on stage and beyond. A new initiative proposed by the Cord, was also very controversial: the musician was asked to become a model for the creation of realistic dildos made from a cast of his penis.

To do distributed of this product agree one of online stores.

According to the owner of the store, they had several candidates to choose from, but given the popularity of the stars, they decided to stay still on Shnurova: “Dildo is one of the most popular toys for adults. And often (those that are realistic) are created by casts of stars, most porn,but there are, for example, and players. This toy is of high quality and very quickly dismantled. However, more demand for such products in the US, and not we,because these dildos are created based on casts of their stars. So we thought that would be cool to offer customers toys that are associated with artists who know and love us.”

The price of this unusual sex-product will be about 5 thousand rubles.

The store management expects a big rush given the incredible popularity of the star.