Sergey Shnurov calls a wife

Сергей Шнуров обзывает жену The leader of group “Leningrad” told reporters on the nicknames to the second half. In recognition of Sergei Shnurov, he often comes up with funny names beloved wife Matilda. In addition, the musician told that his words should not be taken too seriously.
Сергей Шнуров обзывает жену

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has a happy marriage with the well-known St. Petersburg restaurateur. The musician and his wife Mathilde have been together for about seven years. Fans of the couple do not cease to admire the idyll that reigns between them. In an interview Yury Dude, the artist said that he calls her “grandma”. But at a press conference in Novosibirsk, held in early June, Sergei told about the nickname of the wife in more detail. Cord explained that the name was due to his ironic attitude to age. “I am 44 years old, she is 31, we are no longer young!” – added the rocker.

In a recent interview with journalists Cords are once again told about the unusual name of his wife. Sergey noted that often comes up with funny names for the second half.

“Grandmother – one of the incarnations. I call her a woman. A lot of funny nicknames. Like something to wrap. And anyway, all I talk is effective just now. Interview me in another place, another time – says exactly the opposite. And that’s fine. Tomorrow forecasts can change” – said the musician.
Сергей Шнуров обзывает жену

During the conversation with the correspondent Sergey told that he misses in the absence of the second half. “Anywhere’s good for me. The only thing is always home draws. No matter the West or Moscow. I do not care. The home is the Petersburg. I have a wife, a cat, a coffee machine,” – said the artist.

Media representatives also asked Shnurov as it relates to the newfangled Wellness tours in specialized sanatoriums. It is no secret that the leader of the “Leningrad” regularly notice with a cigarette in hand. In addition, Sergei never hid that loves to drink. However, over time the Cords noticeably slowed down and is not so often drink alcohol.

“I think it’s a myth – “Tox”, “detox”. If there is no of toksa, no detox… Someone believes that vodka and cigarettes are toxic. I don’t think so, I is not harmful. Someone needs detox, someone believes in a healthy lifestyle, I do not believe. Not my Church,” explained Sergey.

In addition, Cords added that humans differ from monkeys “the possibility of hurting yourself”. As well as told musician magazine Cosmopolitan, it has no special rituals before concerts, because, in the opinion of men of such habits more typical of primates, not people.