Сергей Шнуров похвастался взрослыми детьми Fans found that the heirs of the musician and interesting person. Sergey Shnurov has shared a rare family photo, which he captured, together with his son Apollo and daughter Serafima. The leader of group “Leningrad” held with the children Friday night.

      Well-known musician Sergey Shnurov has given all his fans the opportunity to make sure that it is not only the infamous rocker, but still reverent and the father of two children. Friday night the leader of the group “Leningrad” spent in the company of their heirs, which was reported and published jointly with son and daughter in the microblogging.

      Many members were surprised not only by the fact that his such grown children, but by the fact of the availability of the musician. “1)My children 2) the Seraphim and Apollo, 3) 23, and 16” – succinctly commented on Sergey Shnurov with the heirs.

      Master of provocation, the author of the famous “Exhibit” remained true to himself, even showing off family photos. The leader of the “Leningrad” idyll managed to present in its own way, showing what it democratic father, devoid of Convention and allow their children to do as they please. Some subscribers Shnurov began to condemn him for such an attitude to the education of heirs than only provoke the musician, forcing him to add fuel to the fire and publish the following, even more daring photos. New picture again provoked a wave of negative comments. And only the most dedicated fans of Sergey Shnurov appreciated his sense of humor.

      “Let them try not to drink, my pants will pour out!”, “Uncle Sergei, I love you. Great dad you got guys”, “How to become your son?”, “Good father, happy children,” expressed by fans of a celebrity.

      Many say that children’s Sergei Shnurov interesting person. The daughter of a musician called beautiful, and Apollo found a similarity with Harry Potter. We will remind, not so long ago, the Seraphim was married to her beloved, whose name hides about the public. The daughter of Sergei Shnurov became a married lady

      The girl and her lover are preparing to become parents, but tragedy struck Seraphim lost a child.

      By the way, the relationship with the daughter of Sergey Shnurov has established not so long ago. He never talked about what Seraphim did not boast of its successes and admitted that she tries not to dwell on the fact who her father is. Often and with great pleasure, the musician talked about his son. 16-year-old Apollo, from the second spouse, the former Director of the group “PEP-si” Svetlana Kostitsyna, has long been the pride of the Cord.

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