Сергей Семенов рассчитался с Дианой Шурыгиной The young man paid the girl compensation, as reported in social networks. Sergey Semenov thanked caring people for support. Previously Pavel Pyatnitsky organized a fundraiser in support of the inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region.
Сергей Семенов рассчитался с Дианой Шурыгиной

Convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov was released, but can’t enjoy it fully. After the young man left prison, his limited movements. Now Semenov is forced to wear an electronic bracelet.

Wednesday, February 7, Sergei announced that fulfilled obligations to Diana Shurygina. The young man paid the girl the sum of 220 thousand roubles on account of repayment of a claim. Now Semenov is waiting for confirmation from Shurygino.

“Paid for the claim! Are you waiting for documents confirming that nothing should family Shurygina. I hope Diana will properly dispose of the money and guide them in the right direction. Orphanages or sick children always need help… Thanks to Pavel Pyatnitsky and Diana Pegas for the organization of the collection. And to all of you who helped me lift this weight”, – said Sergey.
Сергей Семенов рассчитался с Дианой Шурыгиной

Recently Sergey has announced an interview with reporters, which is soon to go on the channel “Russia 24”. The inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region will share how his life has changed in prison, where he spent a year. The announcement of the transfer with the participation of Semenov appeared on his page in social networks.

“I told [reporters] that felt in the first few minutes of imprisonment, overcame the pain and despair in prison. For the year changed priorities, thoughts and attitude towards people. I’m not so trusting and not so open… Some people put me there, and the other pulled out… How to understand who is evil and who is good? Everyone is different, but in my situation, I realized that more kind people”, – said the young man.
Сергей Семенов рассчитался с Дианой Шурыгиной

The inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region thanked the subscribers for their attention and care. In the Wake of the outcry that caused the rape of Diana Shurygina, Semenov was reduced from eight to three years, and was replaced by a strict regime colony in General. Later Sergey was able to leave prison, but with restrictions. “Thanks to you, I’m here and I’m free…” – with these words he turned to the followers.

Previously Semenov was reinstated at the University. As it turned out, Sergey was allowed to go to school. In addition, he went to live with sister Catherine.

“The city furnished more energetic and I’m interested in. Today I went shopping, visited family and met with the local youth. Adequate and positive people who supported me and offered to show the city. Continue to get used to freedom…”– Sergey shared in the microblog.

While the young man mastered after his release from prison, Diana Shurygina continues to participate in various TV shows. Recently a girl came to the shooting of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to support his father. Diana chose not to appear in the shot and was behind the transfer. Parent shurygino the accused Sergey Semenov of lying. “He’s lying, and his sister too. He got a rapist will be out in a year and a half rapist. I’m not afraid of exposure. There is nothing to expose!”said the man.Sergey Semenov organized a meeting with the father of Diana Shurygina