Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы The young man gave a Frank interview to journalists. As it turned out, Sergei is now in Togliatti, and not in his native village of Novocheremshansk. In addition, Semenov explained why not going to pass the lie detector TV show, and shared his version of the resonance of history.
Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы

Convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov gave an interview to journalist Anton This. Video duration: 43 minutes appeared on YouTube. During the conversation with the correspondent the young man frankly told about his cellmates, a sudden fallen popularity, as well as life after his release.

Now Semenov is forced to walk around with a bracelet on his leg. He was forbidden to leave the territory where he is registered. As it turned out, Sergey moved from Novocheremshansk, and is now confined to the edges of another settlement. The young man helping friends.

“I changed the place of residence in Togliatti. Now I can only be within this city. If I leave the limited range, the bracelet is not giving me any signals. The information is sent to the unit to the inspector, who was watching me. After I left Ulyanovsk oblast, I have to change the bracelet – he told the journalist. – If the bracelet is triggered, the inspector calls, he checks, I’m at home or not.”
Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы

Now Sergei is forced to wear a device attached to the bracelet. It looks like a small phone. With its help, you can contact the inspector. According to Russian legislation, there are several reasons why Semenov can go over the set limits.

Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы“This study, death, God forbid, of course, natural calamities and change of residence. Every two months I have to come and check in. Come at a specific day and fill out a special paper. To obtain permission, you need to wait about 10 days. To mom I’ll never be able to go, but she to me. In this case we have to relocate,” shared the young man.

Semenov comes lots of messages and requests. Many of those who are faced with a similar situation, I ask Sergei about the Council. “I plan to go live on Instagram and share their experiences,” he says.

Earlier this year a friend of Diana Shurygina Catherine Lukianchikova said he believes Semenova bad person. According to her, he allegedly behaves rudely towards the girls. Sergei says he doesn’t know Catherine and have never seen her. “I listened to what she was saying, but this principle could not be,” – said Semyonov. Soon his representatives are going to apply for Lukianchikova to court for libel. Meet with Catherine in the TV show Sergei is not intended.

Friend Shurygino hunted for the attacks on Semenov

“I believe that to pass a lie detector on TV is absurd. I know his are, had to face this. By law, the polygraph is not evidence. In my opinion, it’s just a show”, – he said.
Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы

After convicted in the case of resonance was released, the journalists gave him a real hunt. Sergei was called on a TV show, but he’s not chasing popularity. “Stalking around the house, came and called on different channels. But I’m so tired… Offered money, different amounts. I thought that shouldn’t be any provocations”, – said Semyonov.

When he found out about the verdict, he was shocked. The young man couldn’t believe that I’ll go to jail. “I thought that day going home. And the lawyer said… And then eight years. The first day in prison I went to bed, I sometimes felt like I was home. The second day started to understand, the thoughts were horrible. But then she paused and realized that there are people who are indeed heavier, for example, disabled people. And I thought, “okay, eight years to wait,” said Semenov.

First the young man sat in a penal colony, but after the revision of the sentence, it was changed to shared, and the term was reduced to three years. With Sergei were people convicted of robbery and drug possession. According to Semenov, many prisoners saw the television broadcast dedicated to his cause, and supported.

Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы“It’s a big hive, all each other something to help. In the colony I worked at the industrial zone. Received the minimum salary of around seven thousand. Diana Shurygina took about 40-50%. The money was taken colony,” – said the young man.
Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы

Now Semenov won’t owe Shurygino. Caring people have organized a fundraiser in support of Sergei, and managed to extinguish the claim in one payment. “It happened the other day. The reaction from the other side has not yet been”, – said the young man.

Sergey Semenov was calculated with the Diana Shurygina

The conversation went about what happened in the scandalous party. Sergey continues to deny that he raped Diana Shurygina. Semenov can’t remember how much he drank that night. According to the young man, he had consumed alcohol, but was in adequate condition. Sergey claims that he was not going to sleep with anyone.

“The evening even began. She helped me undress and she undressed. How was I supposed to understand that this is rape? I can confidently say that no man, probably, would not understand that in this moment you have someone raped. After it was over, I went to sleep. A friend asked me to this morning sat behind the wheel. When I left, she continued to have fun. When I woke up, said her parents came and took. Then the police arrived. Thought: “Probably, it was noisy”. All was taken away,” – said Sergey.
Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы

Says the young man, he didn’t say Alexander Rohlin that Diana Shurygina easy to use. “We were sitting in the sauna. The guys saw how she came on to me. Said, “Well, you had something?”this conversation is over. Ruhlin wasn’t there. I didn’t say something like “fuck, there she is,” said the native of Novocheremshansk.

When Semenov said he was arrested for rape, he initially did not believe. “Thought it was a joke, first of April. Then I thought that everything will be fine. I was released under house arrest. I assumed that she was frightened parents, and I will be able to explain it to them. But after a month and a half I’ve learned a lot about this family”, – said Sergey. The young man hinted that he doubted the honesty Shurygina. Moreover, according to Semenov, told him about the dark past of Diana. According to some reports, she allegedly offered the men his services.

Сергей Семенов об изнасиловании Шурыгиной, отце-инвалиде и жизни после тюрьмы“Honestly, I heard about it during the investigation and did not believe. And then told me the man who lives next to Choraginae. According to him, it sort of worked, filled out questionnaires on the Internet”, – says Sergey.

Communicating with a journalist Anton Letovym, Sergey also spoke about his father Ivan Semenov. The man not appearing on the TV show and avoids to speak to the press.

“The father was disabled, and now lives at home in the village with my mother. He was worried about me, talked a lot with me when it happened. Said: “you Have to be careful, but once it happened, it is necessary to live further”, – said Sergey. – You can talk a lot about how I changed this story. I can say that I have reconsidered my values.”

Now Semenov is gradually adapting to life at liberty. The young man says he is talking with one girl who was familiar with it before making a noise event. However, a romantic relationship is still too early to say, said Sergei in an interview with YouTube channel “The People”.