Сергей Семенов привыкает к свободе: переезд, благотворительность и кикбоксинг A resident of Ulyanovsk region, was released from prison two months ago. Sergey Semenov is forced to walk around with a bracelet on his leg and to report their movements to the authorities. For the time that he is will, the guy started to learn a new sport, helped homeless dogs and moved in Togliatti.
Сергей Семенов привыкает к свободе: переезд, благотворительность и кикбоксинг

10 Jan inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region the 22-summer Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for the rape of Diana Shurygina, ahead of schedule left on freedom. That morning the young man’s family took him from the penal colony №3, located in Dimitrovgrad, where he spent more than a year.

Many expected that Semenov will enjoy fallen on him popular, but the guy decided not to start a career in show business. After his release he became a hero “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” TV channel “Russia 1”, and then returned to the small home in Novocheremshansk. It turned out that Semenov changed the punishment – instead of sitting behind bars, he is forced to wear an electronic ankle bracelet.

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“The first time the bracelet interfered with him, he couldn’t sleep. Yesterday somehow upset, and this morning woke up with another idea. Now no one will be taken away, not planted. I think that’s his defense,” – said the mother of a young man, Olga.
Сергей Семенов привыкает к свободе: переезд, благотворительность и кикбоксинг

Sergey waiting for after a year and a half, during which time he had restricted movement. The guy was reinstated at the University, where he studied until scandal with Diana Shurygina. The young man was allowed to go to class. Semenov published a photo student ID in the blog but later deleted it, apparently not anticipating that this event will provoke heated discussions in social networks.

As you can guess, Semenov was not thrilled with the prospect of spending a year and a half locked in the village. So he decided to relocate and moved to Togliatti, where his sister Catherine. To make the trip, Semenov had to obtain permission from regulatory authorities. More recently, he stood on the account in UFSIN of Russia across the Samara region.

In another city, Sergei quickly found friends. Young people often walk up to some guy on the street to share his views on the controversial story. According to Semenova, the majority of local it support.

“The city furnished more energetic and I’m interested in. Today I went shopping, visited family and met with the local youth. Adequate and positive people who supported me and offered to show the city. Continue to get used to freedom…” – Sergey shared in the microblog.
Сергей Семенов привыкает к свободе: переезд, благотворительность и кикбоксинг

Now, to talk with Semenov, it is necessary to go not in Novocheremshansk and in Togliatti. Sergey gave an interview to the project “The People”, which was uploaded to YouTube. In an interview with the host of the guy for the first time openly talked about how there was his life after his release from prison. Now Semenov is forced to constantly be in touch with the inspector. However, such conditions Sergei, apparently, do not strain. According to the young man, he had a reassessment of values. Semenov began to feel more adult.

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The young man also says he is not chasing popularity, although he offered a generous reward for the revelation. “Stalking around the house, came and called on different channels. But I’m so tired… Offered money, different amounts. I thought that shouldn’t be any provocations”, – shared Semenov.

In financial terms, Sergei helped Pavel Pyatnitsky. Funds in the amount of 220 thousand rubles, the proceeds from the collection, declared to be a public figure, went to pay the claim Shurygina. Now the guy owes nothing to the family of Diana. According to Sergei, he took the load off the shoulders.

It is known that Semenov lot of sports. The guy regularly plays hockey and watches games on TV. “Very much. The habit is almost immediately tired, but still ahead!” he said after the first session. Coach Alexei support guy and tries not to think about the sensational stories.

“It was immediately clear how it all happened. If birthday, it is a regular gathering of friends. Met, liked each other… And the next day you’re a rapist. I didn’t believe it”, – shared the leading of the project “Diary Hacha” Katia Sambucol.

Besides, Sergey is developing a new kind of sport. He recently visited one of the Ulyanovsk halls of martial arts, where he began to learn kickboxing. The founder of the club, Vice-champion of the world Khachatur Malkhasyan was satisfied with the first lesson with Semenov. Looks like the guy too, loved it. “Glad my training is helping people not only improve physically, and strengthen the will and character”, – said Khachatur in the microblog.

However, Semenov studies stability not only in the gym. Recently a guy was found with blogger Kiril Menshikov from the Vladimir region who is struggling with cancer.

“I don’t know what is your image of a strong man. My image – it is people like this guy. I talked with him almost all day, despite his illness, he lives happier many. Such an example of steadfastness, patience and awareness of what real life is rare. Very sorry that we are starting to realize what is really important to us, only when we lose…” – said Semyonov.

Over the weekend Sergei took part in the charity event aimed to help homeless animals. Not indifferent inhabitants of Tolyatti have gathered food, bowls, and other things that you may need a four-legged, living in the shelter. Semenov willingly photographed with local residents and explained the meaning of the initiative.