Sergey Selin admitted why were jealous of Alexei nilavu

Сергей Селин признался, почему завидовал Алексею Нилову Performers of the main roles in the cult TV series “Streets of broken lamps” were the guests of the program Boris Korchevnikov. Alexey Nilov told the TV host about his fate. Sergey Selin has supported his longtime friend.
Сергей Селин признался, почему завидовал Алексею Нилову

Star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” Alexey Nilov became the guest of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. The actor told the TV host about the difficult life and destiny and remembered his many novels. Now the man is happy with third wife Helen, who helped him to overcome alcohol addiction. In the 12 years that the couple together, they had to go through a lot. Nilov am grateful for meeting with the beloved.

Alexey Nilov quit drinking for third wife

“I’ve been going to this through communication and a long stay with many women, my very favorite. All of my wives and the women with whom I lived without printing, they are beautiful. This is a huge life experience, through which I was destined to go. They I really learned a lot, and the women in my life play a huge role. These are some of the indicators and signs some things,” shared the actor.
Сергей Селин признался, почему завидовал Алексею Нилову

In the program was also attended by a colleague of Alexey Nilov, Sergey Selin. “I knew all his wives. They are all very worthy and interesting. (…) I know that the children of Alexei very much. He is good and kind dad,” said the man.

Celine admitted that she was jealous of nilavu. According to the executor of a role of Anatoly Dukalis, his friend had always been generous towards the lady and spared no expense on gifts.

“Somehow, none of the wives of Alexei, neither the Ira nor Julia Mikhailova, don’t talk about the cars that he gave to all the wives (except the first, because he was a beggar). And I will never forget how I envied you when you were looking for here it is the ring that was in the collection of, say, the Grand duchesses, – said Celine to comrade. – And you went to the jewelers and ordered it. And your wife proud of you and your gifts. But not talking about it for some reason.”
Сергей Селин признался, почему завидовал Алексею Нилову

Niles confessed that he did not remember the case about which he told his PAL. “Yes, they are now proud of,” he said. Celine said that he knows the reasons why his colleague had divorced his previous wives. According to Sergei, Alexei had “fundamental differences” with the beloved. However, Nilov replied the other.

Сергей Селин признался, почему завидовал Алексею Нилову“The fact that I was probably such a maximalist approach. If there’s nothing else I can give to a person, and our being together is useless and a burden to her and to me, I left. Yes, when I left from Irene (birth to actor son, Nikita. – Approx.) is bad, very bad. But if I kept the child, I don’t know what would grew out of it. We had constant scandals, controversy, well, just horror, buzzed all… Mom’s are great raised him, pretty much gave him, did not say anything bad to him about me. We met with him everything talked over. If he has the desire, we will continue to communicate,” explained the artist.

The actor recalled how he met with Nikita a few years ago. “He replied in a very interesting, adult things, I was delighted. As I understand it, he is not offended at me. I explained to him that he is my beloved son, and I’m there. Yes, I have another family. But that does not diminish my love. I always regret that something were given to his children, but thank God, they have a wonderful mother,” – said Alexey. Alexey Nilov refuses to accept son in his house