Sergey Safronov had a hair transplant Many men are overcome by this problem. But in Safronov's case, it's not just about gender and age.

Sergei Safronov underwent surgery on hair transplant Two years ago Sergey Safronov was diagnosed with cancer. The illusionist had no idea that he was sick, but during a routine medical examination, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. For a long time, he did not tell fans about what was happening to him, deciding to report the disease only when the treatment gave a result.

Sergey Safronov underwent hair transplant surgery

Radiation therapy completed , and Safonov published a photo on his page on a banned social network, after reviewing which, subscribers came to the conclusion that he had a hair transplant.

Sergey Safronov had a hair transplant operation

Sergey is now in remission. He has already returned to work and is touring with his brothers, who actively supported him during his illness.

It is worth recalling that Sergei was ready for different developments, so he made a will. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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