Sergey Pynzar is preparing to give birth, along with his wife

Сергей Пынзарь готовится рожать вместе с женой An expectant father eager to witness the birth of the youngest son. Sergey Pynzar decided to attend the birth of his wife, and now thinks how to support Daria during such a difficult test.

      Сергей Пынзарь готовится рожать вместе с женой

      It’s earlier than men and were banned by the maternity hospitals. Today the husband is free to attend the birth and support your spouse in difficult times for her test. Partnership delivery is gaining popularity among modern couples. To see with your own eyes how his successor will be born, and ex-member of “House-2” Sergey Pynzar. A young man, whose charming wife Daria Pynzar will be a second time mom, actively preparing for childbirth.

      It should be said that Sergei Pynzar in early pregnancy of the wife has decided for himself that he wants to share the sacred moment of the birth of their second son. And for a few months, his enthusiasm did not stop there. In contrast, Sergei is preparing not just to be a spectator during childbirth, he plans to help the spouse that attends a special training at one of the perinatal centers of the capital.

      “Everyone is preparing for a meeting with Junior: wife physically, and I prepare a set of encouraging and positive words and thoughts in order to tune in the desired fashion. By the way, after the tour of the ancestral house we were impressed!” – said the future Pope two sons in the microblog, asking subscribers, with experience in partnerships with labor, to share knowledge.

      Followers of Sergei gladly responded to the request, however instead of giving specific advice, they began to share memories and emotions about the birth of babies. “My husband was present at birth, it was his most happy moment in your life when the hands give his little baby, this tenderness!”, “I was present at the birth of his second small, come and don’t doubt, they need our support”, “me neither spouse participated in childbirth. Although at first was against, but then I didn’t let him go and bare with it. This is a crazy support! After birth, the husband admitted that he still loves me.”

      Recall that one of the strongest couples of the TV project “Dom-2” Darya and Sergey Pynzar become parents for the second time in may. Despite the fact that before birth there is not much time Dasha continues to lead an active lifestyle: walking to the pool, visit the beauty salons, drives on the football and theater Studio 4-year-old son Artem.

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