Sergey Penkin faced with a cruel disappointment in love

Сергей Пенкин столкнулся с жестоким разочарованием в любви The musician doesn’t understand the modern relationship. Sergey Penkin suffers from the fact that others do not justify his confidence and do not appreciate his help. The artist has experienced unrequited feelings and afraid to be alone.
Сергей Пенкин столкнулся с жестоким разочарованием в любви

For a career musician Sergey Penkin was known as a staunch bachelor. Despite the fact that the man had bright novels, none of them failed wedding. The artist feels lonely and even lost hope to find a soul mate. Apparently, the rejected feelings left an indelible mark on his soul, but because he doesn’t want to think about love.

“I don’t believe it. It was a lot of love stories in my life, but they were unrequited, uncomprehending. Perhaps creative people are able to love, but all alone” – says the musician.

Sergei does not hide that is afraid of loneliness, but because trying to do everything in order never to face. According to him, he is all the time different things that help him to escape. Penquin has admitted that he has known unrequited love, which has crippled not only his mental state, but also affect the appearance – he lost 28 pounds.

Sergei annoy some people. The artist believes that all problems come from the fact that changed ideals and beliefs about family relationships.

Сергей Пенкин столкнулся с жестоким разочарованием в любви“You help them, and they are lying to you. Always, when a person has something wrong happened in the relationship, he begins to look for weaknesses and flaws in yourself. This is wrong. Not a need to look cons, but the people. They have changed. Selfish: young people want everything at once, and this does not happen!” says penquin.

Fans will remember that two years ago, Sergey talked about his affair with TV presenter Vladlena. The man doted in beloved and even offered her to move into his house. The artist also took two daughters from a previous relationship sweetheart. Over time, however, the couple decided to part. Sergey Penkin did the repair in a country house for a sweetheart

Despite the bitter disappointment that he felt after each failed relationship, Sergey rely solely on fate and does not exclude that one day she will bring him a nice surprise.

“Ideal second half I have no. It may be ugly, but stylish. Should have a credo. To have all your “I”. It is not necessary to invent anything. In a relationship you just need to love,” said Penkin in an interview with “Interlocutor”.