Сергей Пенкин прокомментировал дерзкое ограбление на миллион рублей
Media reported that the actor has stolen a large sum of money in the center of Moscow.

Sergey Penkin

Photo: Social networks

Sergey Penkin denies that was the victim of a robbery. In conversation with journalists, the actor was named in the press spread the news “nonsense” and “stupidity”. He noted that he often learns from the media about events that never happened.

“Lord, what is this nonsense. There was nothing there. How interesting about myself every time I hear it. Stupid” — quoted Sergei channel 360°.

Earlier in the Network appeared detailed report that Penkina allegedly robbed. It was reported that the singer was drinking with strange men in cafes, and then fell asleep on one of the benches in the center of the capital. Waking up the actor, according to media reports, discovered the theft of a gold chain with an icon, watches, rings and cell phone. Also in the press it was mentioned that penquin wrote a statement to the police only a few days after the incident, so that the tracking is impossible.

However, penquin deny the fact of robbery. At the same time, fans suspect that the artist actually ashamed to admit to problems with alcohol.