Sergey Odoevtseva tries to return his ex-wife

Сергей Адоевцев пытается вернуть бывшую жену Judging by the posts that the star of “House-2” published in microblogging, he still misses ex-wife. Sergey Odoevtseva publishes in the personal account pictures of Mary, and also leaves them touching comments.
Сергей Адоевцев пытается вернуть бывшую жену

It’s been over a year since then as one of the strongest pairs of telestroke Maria and Sergey Odoevtseva broke up. In marriage, the young people born girl, Lisa, who now lives with her mom, her new boyfriend and his daughter. Fans of this Union could not believe in the gap and hoped for the reconciliation of idols.

But, despite the fact that convergence has not occurred, Sergei, apparently, still has tender feelings for Mary. The man has posted on Instagram several photos with ex-wife, and joint the.

“And women? Yes, as you understand, when you say one thing, think another and do the third – something unimaginable. And we – men? Yes, perhaps, this very Oh the fickleness of women and makes women the most beautiful and amazing creatures on earth. Protect your loved ones. And learn to love. It’s worth it. Definitely worth it,” says Odoevtseva.

For many such revelations of the photographer was a complete surprise. Users of the social network admitted that they did not even know about the feelings of Sergei. Some of the subscribers asked the man not to hurt themselves or Mache frames and similar statements. They noted that the woman is happy in a new relationship and not planning to return to it. Others, on the contrary, supported Odoevtseva, stressing that it is never too late to realize mistakes and take a step toward a loved one.

“I feel sorry for you. Then it was supposed to happen. Love and understanding,” “man, you really are persecuting. She’s already with another man ignites a long time, and you all the pictures with her post,” “Sergei, Masha, of course, still loves. She simply persuaded himself, convinced in feelings to the other. And it’s up to you to get her back”, “Leave Mary alone. I hope you find another woman and not to make more past mistakes”, – I leave dozens of comments followers.

Note that many fans did not understand the true reasons for the breakup Odoevtseva. Mary herself in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” told that at some point, Sergei Pavlovich from her estranged, gone spiritually. After the break the young mother admitted that her ex-husband wants only the best. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

“I am an outdoor person, enjoy life, full of strength and energy. Despite the fact that since we’re not together today, I believe that each of us will be happy in their own way and get on the right path. We are not strangers and should eventually live in peace, love and harmony, even on different sides of the same bridge” – shared with “StarHit” Maria.