Сергей Адоевцев отказался платить за отель после плотских утех The girl had to cover all costs for the sake of intimacy with a man. Sergey Odoevtseva not feel the need to fork out for a taxi and hotel room. But was happy to be alone with a new friend, who with pleasure agreed to spend time with him.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Sergey Odoevtseva lucky to find the love project – he made an offer hands and hearts of Mary Kruglykhin. The couple had a daughter Lisa, however, after some time the girl realized that the man didn’t fit her for life. The couple filed for divorce. Now that his ex-wife remarried and is expecting her second child, Sergei seeking solace in casual sexual relations. One of his mistresses, which came to Xenia, spoke about meeting with a former member of telestroke.

“We have written off in one application. I just wanted ease and have fun without obligation. We decided to go to the hotel. Imagine my surprise when the ex-party was money, and he asked me to pay the taxi,” she admitted.

Apparently, the new familiar Odoevtseva this circumstance did not alarmed. Apparently, the lady was so thirsty rather be in a secluded place with Sergey and fall into his arms, he gave the necessary amount to rent an apartment in the hotel.

“I paid for the room. Being alone, we just began to engage in “magic”. In terms of sex Sergey was insatiable and drove me to the peak three times,” he shared intimate details about Xenia.

According to her, the man had not intended to quickly end the night of love. However, the girl was able to resist the charm of a former participant of the reality show and told him I was very tired. Despite the fact that she has considered Sergey only as a fleeting passion, she decided to get the story out there, and therefore told the juicy details of the meeting the magazine “the House-2”.

“Having been refused, the girl had dressed and left. Of course, to continue communication with him I did not. Just got what I wanted, and put an end to this story”, – said the girl.

Not so long ago Sergey was spotted in one of Swinger clubs. According to other visitors, he has appeared there regularly and behaving very friendly with others. Also, some noted that Odoevtseva likes to take the initiative. From “House-2” – breaking bad: Sergey Odoevtseva enjoy depraved life