Sergey Odoevtseva misses ex-wife

Сергей Адоевцев скучает по бывшей жене The star of the TV project “Dom-2” has publicly admitted he misses ex-wife. Sergey Odoevtseva published in Instagram a family photo, which depicted with Mary and their daughter Lisa. Followers surprised by the statement of the man.

One of the favourite pairs of the famous electroni – Sergey and Maria Odoevtseva – collapsed more than a year ago. The woman then admitted that he lost the elect spiritually. Without this connection, she said, to continue to build a family, made no sense. At the time of rupture of the contestant was sure the reason for separation was the reluctance of men to take responsibility.

Immediately after parting ways with Sergei in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the young mother said that now ex-husband is enjoying a long-awaited freedom and is not in a hurry to be a dad, husband or even just to be around. She also noticed that no one can be forced to take care of family, and love can no one’s ever been. Belle decided not to be discouraged and continued to live a full life and enjoy every moment for myself and my daughter. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

However Odoevtseva apparently, still not able to forget ex-lover. On the eve of Sergey shared with subscribers microblog joint photo with Mary and their daughter Lisa. The star of the TV show poured out the feelings of the fans, confessing that he longs for the old days. “Miss you” – simply signed frame man.

But not all followers of the photographer was on the side of the celebrity and began to console him. Some of them began openly to teach and even to shame ex-member of “House-2”. Users of the social network noted that Maria was not easy to get over a breakup and to be one with the baby on hands. They stressed that Sergei will definitely find their happiness, if you can avoid previous mistakes.

“Later, starting to get bored, when it is not necessary. What not lived? We need to appreciate and cherish those close to it, and not try to return those who are already in another happy life”, “Missed the happiness. Masha was five minutes married,” “It will not return”, “Late rush and bored. Maria happy in a new relationship” – they complained to the statement of the ex-member of telestroke.

I wonder what a young mom never told you loyal readers microblog about nostalgia for the past. On the contrary, every day she shares the moments of a happy family life with a new lover Michael. Maria tells subscribers how she manages to maintain harmony in relationships, and also shares details of education Lisa and heiress to a loved one.

“So get used to it, now I have two little girls. And yet behind the scenes is a part of us was dad. Was, is and believe that he is anywhere from us will not escape! Mike, thank you for everything! Now I know what is the “loving and beloved.” You are my fortress! You “the most”! And how nice that you’re mine!” – wrote Odoevtseva.