Sergey Mazaev lost business

Сергей Мазаев потерял бизнес The artist closed the restaurant in the centre of the capital. The musician was forced to abandon this project because it brought losses. In addition, Sergey Mazaev, it was clear that he must also do more usual things for him and not to take in someone else’s field.
Сергей Мазаев потерял бизнес

Frontman of the band “Moral code” goodbye with a cafe-bar “Pea field”. “The thing that didn’t go well, says Mazaev “StarHit”. – Everything was great only in the first year of existence in 2014. Later, the competition intensified and the crisis was not asleep. I decided: screw it! However, to close the restaurant was not so easy. The owner could not find a new tenant, so the logo and the name of the bar above the entrance was removed recently. To take in this business I don’t want – mind the time, effort and Finance. I will do what I do best, music.”

In the restaurant he invested not only money but and soul – took part in interior design, chose menu items. Mazaev wanted all the guests were comfortable: and those who came just to talk over dinner, and those who after sitting at the bar wanted to dance to the live performance of musicians.

Сергей Мазаев потерял бизнес

Premises with an area of 850 sq. m on the street Kazakova consisted of a main hall, mezzanine floor, insulated and a summer terrace. In the restaurant guests can try unique cocktails and signature dishes from the chef. For example, baked zucchini, risotto with cheese and much more. The average check at the institution was 1500 rubles per person.

Сергей Мазаев потерял бизнес

By the way, to say goodbye to the business not so long ago was forced and Oksana Fedorova. TV presenter and designer, admitted to “StarHit” that her institution had a lot of faults to fix which was not possible. Due to the unfortunate location of the restaurant suffered losses. Soon celebrity expects to work out the details of the new project and found room for him.

“Of course, it’s a shame that had to say goodbye to Palatin, because it is a well-liked… even in social networks write, saying why it happened? – said Oksana. But I want it to be perfect, so I promise the fans – the new restaurant will be even better than the previous. We will consider the errors and create a first-class place.”