Sergey Lazarev worried about the fate of Yulia Samoilova

Сергей Лазарев переживает за судьбу Юлии Самойловой The singer was supported by his colleague, which will not be able this year to represent Russia at the international vocal competition “Eurovision”. Sergey Lazarev believes that Yulia Samoilova will perform adequately in 2018. The actor also gave a farewell to the girl and told her not to stay in the conquest of the musical Olympus.

      Сергей Лазарев переживает за судьбу Юлии Самойловой

      On 22 March it became known that the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years. In this regard, the performer will not be able to go to the Eurovision song contest, which this year was held in Kyiv.

      Last week, the First channel refused to broadcast the popular show. Representatives of the TV company also said that the option of replacing Samoilova is not considered, and previously there rejected the option of remote participation of the artist. Yulia may still be able to represent my country next year.

      Julia Samoylova is boycotting Eurovision

      Monday, April 17, in the program “live” discussed the situation in which Julia Samoylova. Many stars of show business supported the singer, and expressed the hope that she will perform at “Eurovision” next year. Among those who stood up for the singer, turned out to be Sergey Lazarev, who took third place in the popular competition.

      “I’m really worried about Yulia Samoylova, which was prepared and wanted to go, which trip to Eurovision was a dream. Unfortunately, this year she was not destined to come true. But who knows, maybe it’s for the best… We don’t know why we are given these trials, all that God does, all the better. To be honest, the Russian “Eurovision” will probably live the same way as Eurovision without Russia… However I think next year everything is back to normal and so “cut off” not worth it” – shared the singer.
      Сергей Лазарев переживает за судьбу Юлии Самойловой

      The contractor also turned to Julia and gave her a PEP talk. “I want to say that she was worried that her song, in any case, heard by the whole world, the whole of Europe, and the whole country’s feeling for her… I wish her not to be upset, don’t give up and forward, only forward,” the singer said, expressing hope that the girl will go to the contest next year.

      Yulia Samoylova, released on bond with the Studio, said that he was saddened by the recent events. However, the singer found the strength to cope with their emotions. “I was upset, of course, because it was my dream. But if I was a nurse, my life wouldn’t have worked. So I went further”, – said the artist.

      In the program also showed a fragment of the video message producer Maxim Fadeev, who supported the singer in his microblog. Figure of show-business have criticized sanctions against singer. “I don’t know who took this decision, but the person who did the fool,” said the man. The stars of show-business and politics stood up for Julia Samoylova