Sergey Lazarev will open new talents

Сергей Лазарев откроет новые таланты The popular singer founded the Temirkanov award in the school-Studio “fidget”, which he will present on day one of the six finalists. Sergey Lazarev decided to support gifted children. The actor will personally look at the performances of the participants will determine the winner.

      Сергей Лазарев откроет новые таланты

      Long known for the phrase “a talented person is talented in everything, that Sergey Lazarev does not get tired to surprise the audience. Barely catching his breath after the wonderful performances at the competition “Eurovision 2016”, where it occupied the third place, Sergei hurried to continue its tour to cities in Russia to delight of his show’s audience. But before that, he will make one more not less important.

      Sergey Lazarev took third place at the contest “Eurovision 2016”

      His career our hero had started in the school-Studio “fidget”, which at the time was engaged in Vlad Topalov, Lena Katina, Yulia Volkova, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and many other stars. Even then Lazarev has proved herself as a great talent, and participated in many competitions and even was in the jury of the St. Petersburg children’s song contest “birthday”. So Lazarev knows firsthand about how important it is to support young.

      That’s why he decided to create his personalized award, which was presented on results of year the best graduates of the theater-Studio “fidget”. Award involves the free grant of annual training in the “Fidgets” and a master class from the stars. Also rumor has it that winner will perform with Sergei at one of the concerts.

      Сергей Лазарев откроет новые таланты

      The final part of the competition took place in St. Petersburg Sasha”s bar – about 100 students of the Studio theatre competed for the title of becoming the best, and the expert jury, which included vocal coaches, musicians, poets and composers chose the winners.

      At the end of the competition the finals saw six people – video from their performances send Sergey Lazarev, who, having watched all the contestants, decide who to give the coveted prize. It is even possible that the winner will meet the singer at the concert “Fidgets,” which will be held may 19 in the Kremlin.

      By the way, is not far behind from the Lazarev singer and actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya, which has also established its award and will choose the winner in a few days. The competition results will be announced may 28 at the final concert in St. Petersburg “the Colosseum”, where traditionally come famous graduates of the “Fidgets”.

      By the way, not many people know that every Lazarev tries to help the young and is an Ambassador of the charity Fund “life Line” since 2008. Together with the President of the Fund Faina Zakharova, they organize charity events to collect money for the treatment, give free concerts and coming up with promotions to help sick children. In the charity Fund “Life Line” to the correspondent “StarHit” admitted that thanks to the efforts Lazarev saving almost 50 children.

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