Sergey Lazarev told about the proclivities of the son

Сергей Лазарев поведал о наклонностях сына The actor spoke about Hobbies little Nikita who was born in 2014. According to Sergey Lazarev, the boy grows very active and inquisitive. Heir to the stars demonstrates musical ability.

The heroes of the new edition of “One day”, which will show in the NTV on Saturday, February 10, were Sergei Lazarev Ksenia Sobchak and Paul muceniece Priluchny and agate. Stars will share their stories, each of which will fresh look on them.

Sergey Lazarev participated in the filming of the eve of the premiere of the show “You’re super!”. The famous actor took it one of the judicial seats.

The Creator of the weekly television magazine Sergey Mayorov suggested that Lazarus unusual format of an interview. The actor talked with young performers participating in the vocal competition. They asked questions to the star. Lazarev remembered how he participated in the Eurovision song contest, told about family holidays and shared how you need to react to gossip. The conversation went about his son Sergei, Nikita. The actor first became a father in 2014.

“Nikita teaches English and Russian, is already beginning to read. He loves knowledge and so a fast learner. Every time we play educational games or read the letters, he eagerly hears everything, – says the singer. And he already sings. Now when it is very important to catch the desire of Nikita and start something to develop.”

Charming boy is very like his father. According to Sergey, the child grows artistically. Nikita is already showing musical talent. Talking with young artists, Lazarev opened the child’s Hobbies.

“It is very similar to my childhood, my mother’s stories – when all wondering when and like and artistic, and dances, and sings, and almost on the twine wants to sit. By the way, my childhood was gymnastics, – shared the artist in the broadcast transmission. – We have a toy with the keys, he tries to press them. So, Nikita has an interest in this.”

Lazarev friends say he’s a wonderful father. Sergei tries to give his son all the free time. The artist travels with a toddler and shares bright shots taken in trips, in social networks, and takes Nikita with him on tour. However, Lazarev is trying to protect the heir from unwanted public attention. The singer doesn’t want his popularity had a negative impact on Nikita.

During a recent interview with Sergey also spoke about what it means to be a successful performer, and named their idols. In recognition of the actor, he tries to live for today thinking about tomorrow. In addition, the singer never regret the past.