Sergey Lazarev ticked off the mockery of his son

Сергея Лазарева вывели из себя насмешки над его сыном
The singer came to the defense of little Nikita.

Sergey Lazarev with his son Nikita

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev every free moment pursuing recently with his beloved son, Nikita. When no one knew that the singer became a father, he couldn’t show the fans touching moments together. But now the actor is happy periodically divided frames family idyll.

Only hardly he expected to ever face with a rather aggressive reaction of fans to the fact of his paternity. So on the eve of the Lazarev published a nice photo with a joint holiday with my son, comments which he eventually had to close.

The fact that not so long ago in an interview, Philip hinted that the child Sergey has appeared thanks to the services of surrogate motherhood. Now fans just need Lazarev confirm or deny this fact, forgetting about the bounds of decency and commenting in incorrect address little Nikita. First, Lazarev just removed any attacks towards his family. But probably he was tired to restore order in the comments to the photo, and just stripped spiteful critics the opportunity to speak.

Meanwhile, Sergei is really hides the identity of the mother of Nikita. However, he and the son were not eager to present to the public. To confess that he was a few years ago became Pope he had after his “caught” by the paparazzi last winter. Sergei only once commented on this happy occasion: “Today it so happened that the General public has become known that hidden event in my personal life. And now there are a huge number of publications, speculation, dodumki and gossip. In order not to produce them even more, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy here for 2.5 years to be a dad and raise my son. But I am asking all to respect the personal space of my family, me and my son and keep our right to privacy. Thank you for understanding!”