Sergey Lazarev — the happy father of 2-year-old boy

Сергей Лазарев — счастливый отец 2-летнего мальчика

Intriguing title, isn’t it? Contents news you will be amazed even more! As it turned out, the star of the Russian music scene Sergey Lazarev for two years as a happy father.

Journalists conducted surveillance of the contractor and saw him in the company of a little boy. Together with the child, Sergei came out of one of the Moscow temples. In one hand the boy held for Lazareva, for the other – for the woman who is presumably his mother. this scene amazed the media because they hurried to find out from the musician that the child seen with him.

Sergey admitted that actually it was his son: “my personal life that I would not want to make public”.

But journalists with these words, it is difficult to stop. After a brief investigation they found out that the kid’s name is Nikita and he was born in 2014.

According to people from an environment artist, this was a conscious decision is not to make publicity a family event. Mother Nikita – yet unsolved mystery.