Sergey Lazarev teaches son to life artist

Сергей Лазарев приучает сына к жизни артиста The singer showed Nikita as a new clip. Sergey Lazarev presented the video for the song “So beautiful”. The fans were in awe of what I saw really heartfelt story.
Сергей Лазарев приучает сына к жизни артиста

Fans of Sergey Lazarev was looking forward to the release of the new video for the song “So beautiful”. Today, the artist presented a video, which a few minutes went viral online. Fans struck by the sincerity that literally-pervading every frame. Sergey together with the Director brought to life a bold idea – they’ve invited couples of all ages. Also among the participants of the musical video was and families with children. But the main surprise was the fact that at the end of the clip Sergei appeared arm in arm with a three-year son Nikita.

“Especially for shooting we had a casting couples – said Lazarev before the premiere. – The result is a sensual video, really, which I am sure you will appreciate”.

Fans were delighted with the new work of Sergei. They left many comments, which talked about the emotions they have aroused watching the video. Many were inspired by what they saw on the screen. “An incredible clip, not simulated as a pair reallyeven cool and beautiful work!”, “It’s really touching and sincere, genuine emotions of the participants of the clip, all very nice, the video was really alive in the truest sense! Finally, the clip is very cute, thank you very much, with the premiere!”, “Wow, Sergei, knew that would be unrealistic, but to what extent! Chic clip watched at work, everyone loved it! Good idea to invite real couples, who can better show the true feelings! All great, beautiful, awesome, masterpiece!” – shared his impressions of fans.

Now Sergey Lazarev tries to realize your full creative potential, and therefore is engaged in producing a new Duo DVOE. It helps young artists to win the love of the audience and actively talks about them to his fans. The winner of the “Eurovision” I am glad that many people had to taste the creativity of musicians. Not so long ago they presented the first song and shot a video, which will be released soon.

“We get a lot of positive feedback about the song, about the idea of a duet! It is so nice and, of course, very important for Bones and Holy! See how happy they are that their dream begins to come true! In half a day that they exist officially as a Duo, they have several thousands of subscribers they have in the official “Instagram”, – shared Sergey progress of their wards.