Sergey Lazarev talked about the difficulty in communicating with own son

Сергей Лазарев рассказал о сложностях в общении с собственным сыном Last week in SK “Olympic” the artist presented his “Nовое show”, which was prepared more than six months. Flying motorcycle scene-a transformer and a huge number of special effects – all this at a cost of Sergey Lazarev in a tidy sum – more than a million dollars.
Сергей Лазарев рассказал о сложностях в общении с собственным сыном

“After the show, The Best I promised, more colorful sequel, – said Lazarev. – As before, we will carry the country your sound, light, screens, scenery, costumes. Now all that the audience saw fit in 15 trucks. Of course, the show is very expensive, I hope, will pay off in the future. We plan a big tour, which started on 23 April.”

At the beginning of the concert in “Olympic” singer appeared on the scene in the form of the Pope, which aroused a wave of discussions.

“The show is dedicated to my son Nikita, so there are a lot of characters Association on this topic. Young dad – continues Sergey – it’s a game of words. I knew that I was going to open the concert The song You Are The Only One. It can be interpreted in different ways, including as a reference to someone again. There is no seriousness, you need to look for – I myself do not proclaim. It’s a role, an image, which I hope didn’t offend anyone because that’s the intent I have in any case was not.”

To support Sergei came to his relatives – mother, Valentina, niece Alina, fellow performers: Philip, Mitya Fomin, Katya LEL and many others. Fans were waiting for in the hall of the young son of Nikita Lazarev, but the singer felt that the boy is still too early to attend such a big event.

“And I’d be doubly worried if Nikita was in the room, – the artist admitted. – I am worried about him always!”
Сергей Лазарев рассказал о сложностях в общении с собственным сыном
Сергей Лазарев рассказал о сложностях в общении с собственным сыном

In the past, tours would not allow father and son to see each other regularly – they were always in touch by phone and Skype. But the last six months, during the preparation of the N-show, everything changed.

“Rehearsals were every day, and therefore with Nikita we saw each other every day, says Sergey. And they inspired me. In the show a lot son, a song dedicated to him. He changed me – both as an artist and as a person. Nikita from the first day of life lives with me, I bring it up. And in the song, devoted to the son, decided to share a personal archive to show how he grew, developed, made your first steps. He is 3,5 years, adult, kid, speak Russian, English, thinks, reads, plays soccer, and I’m very proud of.”

As for musical endeavors, Sergey admitted that Nikita is not yet interested. And he doesn’t want the heir to follow in his footsteps.

“Only one artist in the family – smiles Lazarev. But if he chooses this path – I won’t stop”.