Sergey Lazarev talked about his General problem with the son

Сергей Лазарев рассказал о своей общей проблеме с сыном
The singer and his heir suffered after a trip to America.

Photo: Instagram

Almost a month Sergey Lazarev with the three-year son Nikita spent in America. The singer showed the heir to their favorite place, were taken to zoos, parks, and played with him on the beach. Back in Moscow, both are faced with a very unpleasant problem — gitlerom.

As you know, time in Miami is very different from Moscow. So when it is their time to go to bed, the body desperately resists. Lazarev has solved this problem with my son — now every night before bed, regardless of the weather, Sergei takes nick’s (the singer calls the boy) and leads to a walk.

“‘re working up an sleep at night, says Lazarev. — Nick did, he fell asleep. Me yet”.

Sergey has ceased to hide from the public the face of his son on New year’s eve. The first photo with Nick was the best gift for his fans. However, now they do not get tired to argue: who looks like a boy Sergei, or the boy’s mother, which no one has ever seen.

According to most, the boy has no similarities with his famous dad. “Pretty such, but the Pope does not like” — write Lazarus. On this basis, the subscribers made several assumptions. First, Nikita is probably a copy of the mom (whose name is kept secret). And secondly, Sergei could adopt the boy. That would explain the fact that before Nikita was two years old, Sergei never got into the lens paparazzi with the child. However, this is all speculation. The truth in this matter may set only the Lazarev, which might in the future shed light on for someone like Nikita.