Сергей Лазарев устраивал разборки из-за сына The actor spoke about little Nikita, which grows very active and inquisitive. Now the singer can easily travel with a baby, and there were times when he cut short any attempts to photograph the baby.

Sergey Lazarev – member of the jury of the “You’re super!” and happy father raising a son, Nikita. In April, the artist starts touring with the show N-Tour devoted to the child. Ahead of the meeting with the fans of the performer shared his plans with journalists and told about the charming heir.

Lazarev was hiding the son for 2.5 years. Only when the network appeared the images of the artist with Nikita, taken during their walks together, the singer spoke about the heir. According to the artist, he wanted to protect the child from unwanted attention. There was a time when Sergei harshly suppressed any attempt of others to take a picture of Nikita.

“Last year literally took away phones from people who tried to surreptitiously take a picture of us on the plane, erased snapshots, warned that it is private. Were constant conflicts. My decision to finally show Nikita is due to the fact that I began to travel a lot with him. And would not that someone did for my baby, selling his pictures”, – the actor told reporters.

So he began to publish pictures of a child and also consented for a photo session with him. Once the artist no longer hide him, he breathed a sigh of relief. Now the singer is not afraid to ride with her son.

“Previously each of our joint trip turned into a special operation I under assumed names removed rooms in hotels when Nikita came to see me on tour. But now we live peacefully,” – said the performer.

The singer tries to devote to the child every minute of free time. Sergey already took him to Disneyland to show him the carousels and to meet Mickey mouse. The baby was left in awe of the journey with my father. This artist understands that an heir is important not to spoil them. The singer wants Nikita knew the value of money and is not trying to build a career on a relationship with him.

According to Sergei, a son just like him, only his eyes, the boy blue. Nikita already demonstrates to others your character the child loves order and ensures that all close it abide. The actor also admitted that the heir rarely sits idle. Nikita loves to read poetry and to stand on my head, now interested in the world around and mastering the modern technology. When the kid unlocked the tablet of his father, seeing the password, he was in shock.

“Then he missed on YouTube advertising! He was a year and a half: Nick sat and ate, there was advertising, he waited until there inscription “miss,” and closed it! The child is not told, but already knew such things,” – said Lazarev the publication of “Antenna-Telesem”.