Sergey Lazarev “resurrects” SMASH!!

Сергей Лазарев «воскрешает» SMASH!! Famous musician discovered his producing talents. Sergey Lazarev decided to transfer the experience in the Duo of the young generation. He believes that now the scene little good pop projects.
Сергей Лазарев «воскрешает» SMASH!!

Sergey Lazarev began his career in show business since childhood. However, fame and incredible popularity brought him the duet SMASH!! With Vlad Topalov, they captured the hearts of many girls and respected among connoisseurs of pop music. After 2006, each of the artists began a solo career. Alley to its former glory: what has become of the most popular groups of the 2000s

Sergey Lazarev recorded four Studio albums, has won the song contest “Eurovision” in 2016, and now decided to try his hand as a producer. He’s helping the young guys find their audience and become known for a large number of listeners. As an example, he takes the group SMASH!!, where it once began.

“Now a large shortage of good pop projects, and especially boys duets in our country. Remembering the distant 2002, when our Vlad Topalov duet SMASH!! was popular and in demand, I understand that now this Duo doesn’t exist. And neither I can create it. Holy and Kostya — megatalented guys who not only sing well, but also write their own songs,” – said the musician.

The new Duo was named DVOE. Lazarev believed in the talent of 18-year-old Constantine Cherkas and 20-year-old Svyatoslav Stepanov. He was confident that the guys have a great future and they will be able to achieve the recognition of the fans. Sergei said that in a short time the audience will hear the debut song of his players. The artist has no doubt that it will satisfy the audience.

“The first song we are releasing is called “Fall” — a very powerful, emotional and personal song written Bones. I’m sure it will resonate in the hearts of the listeners. I sincerely wish you guys good luck and success,” lifted the veil of secrecy Lazarev.

The artist has experience with young talents – he was a mentor, a musical show in Ukraine, and also worked with singers throughout the show “Want to Meladze”.