Sergey Lazarev once again published a photo of little son

Сергей Лазарев снова опубликовал фото маленького сына

From the moment Sergey Lazarev blabbed about his paternity, his personal life has ceased to be such. Everybody is interested on who is the similar two-year-old son of Russian singer. Not to tease fans, and, perhaps, to tease them, the artist has published a photo of his Nikitka.
It’s son Sergei is depicted on stage in front of a huge scenery.

“Lazarev, Jr., inspects the scene. For the concert all ready,” reads the caption. As it became known, the artist spends a lot of time with favorite son and now when he have grown up a bit, takes it with him on tour, before a performance in Saint-Petersburg Nikita even allowed to run a little bit around the stage.
Recall that the father of Sergey became known in December last year, and this news became a sensation of the year. How did you manage to find out the media, the Lazarus child was born by a surrogate mother, but the questions are so personal about things the singer does not respond. Once Sergei and a young woman with a child captured in one of the capital’s temples. Reporters immediately identified this woman is the mother of the child. It is possible that the mother Nikita is one of the fans Lazarev.