Sergey Lazarev has inspired the organizers of “Eurovision” on the experiment

Сергей Лазарев вдохновил организаторов «Евровидения» на эксперимент Russian singer hero LEGO in the style of the Eurovision Song contest – With Toys. The artist showed in the microblog a photo of his toy counterpart, climbing on stage out of blocks.

      Сергей Лазарев вдохновил организаторов «Евровидения» на эксперимент

      Sergey Lazarev is already rehearsing his speech in Stockholm, where very soon will open the musical contest “Eurovision”. The artist had lost during the preparation of the rooms for the song “You are the only one”. The singer fell from meter height during the execution of the acrobatic element on the projection of the steps. Fortunately he was not injured. According to Sergei, he was allowed three times to rehearse this moment, though usually it’s against the rules.

      Training Sergey Lazarev to the “Eurovision” began with a PE

      Idea rooms Russian contestant inspired the organizers of “Eurovision” to create LEGO-style competition. Project Eurovision Song Contest – With Toys shown Lazarev in the form of a character from the children’s designer. Toy lookalike of the singer, dressed all in black, climbs on the scenery of the gray cubes. The photo of this LEGO-rooms, the artist shared in his microblog.

      All speech Lazarev, Evrovidenie” built on the visual effects. Sergei takes the stage in complete darkness. The rhythms of the music behind the singer is nominated on the wall screen projections, in which transformirovalsya climbing wall. In the middle of the room Lazarev rises on makeshift stone steps, shattering the screen.

      The first day of the contest “Eurovision” is scheduled for may 10. In Stockholm together with Sergey Lazarev departed Philip, who helps the Russian performer at rehearsals. “The room is divided into three stages. It’s his creation, staging, and then runs daily in Moscow and from the beginning of may in Stockholm. There are renting a pavilion, where will be recreated the scene of the contest. On the rights of the author of the song and the eldest in the team apart from the creative part and I am responsible for morale. Artist on such an important musical event, as an athlete before going to the Olympic stadium, only thinks about one thing – winning,” – said Kirkorov about his role on “the Eurovision”.

      Fans of the contest have already started making bets on who will be the winner this year. According to the representative of the betting sphere, the most hope in the first place Sergei. “Almost all – on Lazareva. Further – the Swedes and the Italians. The index, provided our analysts with the victory of Sergei, and 2.6 is people that put $ 1000, in case Lazarev takes first place will receive 2600. The largest amount invested in a victory of the Russian, – 25 thousand. In the past year, the maximum winning of the player, brought to Sweden amounted to 100 thousand rubles”, – told “StarHit” Egor Microskin.

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