Сергей Лазарев прокомментировал слухи о своем тайном браке The artist presented a new album and responded to numerous rumors that circulate about him online. So, Sergey Lazarev regularly attributed to a passionate love affair with Ani Lorak, and according to others, the singer is no longer a bachelor.

On Friday, December 15, Sergey Lazarev presented a new album called “In the midst”. This album was the first in the artist’s work, which was released entirely in Russian. In the work on the release was attended by Irina Dubtsova and Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov and many other local celebrities. “Thank you to all the authors and composers of songs,” expressed Lazarev thanks to the star friends.

In anticipation of the long-awaited premiere Lazarev gave a Frank interview to journalists, which commented on the numerous rumors about himself. So, according to some, the actor is no longer single. In the Network regularly there are data that Sergey got married. However, the singer denied such speculation.

“In the last time very often write that I’m married (and that’s a nonsense, I attribute to marriage as women and men). I really want to dispel this rumor – I’m not married (on anyone!), in the near future is not going to. I’m very indifferent to the institution of marriage, do not believe that people should marry to prove their love, and the child can be born out of wedlock, most importantly, to be surrounded by love and attention”, – said Sergey.

The actor added that his parents divorced, and caring for him fell on the shoulders of the mother. “I in any case do not feel flawed because I was raised by one parent,” said the contractor.

By the way, Lazarus is also quite often attributed to a whirlwind romance with Ani Lorak. Actually, performers have only a friendly relationship. Sergey believes that his friend and colleague in the shop – one of the most beautiful singers in the contemporary pop scene and incredible work ethic. Lorac happily married and has a daughter Sophia, which Lazarev is totally fine.

“So our relationship is very warm, but within a reasonable for one simple reason – Ani Lorak proprietary, and I don’t steal from family,” explained the singer Peopletalk.

Add that to the recent Lazarev presented a new video for the song “So beautiful”. He has gained more than 2.6 million views on YouTube. The video starred the son of the actor Nikita, of which he was for two years and a half concealed from the public. That he is a father, his fans learned only in December last year. In recognition of Lazarus, he wanted to protect the child from unwanted attention of strangers. By the way, Nikita knows what the father and appreciates his work. Most of all he liked the movie for the song “she’s all That”. Son Sergey Lazarev forced him to abandon the party