Sergey Lazarev has commented on the birth of her second child

Сергей Лазарев прокомментировал рождение второго ребенка
The singer revealed his plans for the addition to the family.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev became a father for the first time about three years ago and has since proved to be a very responsible father. Singer, unlike many of his colleagues, protective of little Nikita from the attention of the press and curious fans. He avoids comments about his personal life, not wanting to make the son the object of public relations. The singer did not disclose neither the name of the child’s mother, no other details of the life of Nikita. How Lazarev cope with parental responsibilities, can be judged only through the stories his close friends, watching how he raises his son.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Philip in one voice told that Sergei was a great father. He spends worries about the baby all the time. The king of the pop scene recently admitted that Lazarev much more responsible approach to development of Nikita than he is to his children.

Naturally, many fans Lazarev in connection with these reviews there is a question: whether it is going to become soon father for the second time? Sergei tried to avoid a direct answer to this question. He did not deny the possibility that he will have his daughter, but to fully disclose plans for the near future is not. “For me, that I have a teenage son, all healthy and happy… All the time. We will not rush things!” — quoted Sergei

By the way, on the eve of the Lazarev received its next award “MUZ-TV”. The executor was the first in the nomination “Best song”. “I have a lot of plates in different categories over the 15 years of the award, but the nomination “Best Song” for the first time! Hurrah!” — said Sergey.