Сергей Лазарев прокомментировал скандальную женитьбу
An affair with a married Anya Lorak and secret wedding of this is true?

Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Social Networks

Sergey Lazarev is always very kind to respect the privacy of personal life, so rarely talked about her publicly. And after a breakup with Leroy Kudryavtseva artist altogether ceased to advertise my novels. This provoked the emergence of a huge number of rumors about who actually occupied the heart of Sergei.

The last time fans of the Lazarev arrange a real war online: one of them is sure that Sergei had an affair with a married Ani Lorak, other with “foam at the mouth” proves, they say, the singer has long been married. Moreover, the marriage artist allegedly gay online sometimes flashes the name of a close friend Sergei, who recorded in his “men.” Presumably Lazarev has played a secret wedding during one of his visits to America.

Sergei and the other ear is outraged to the core. First, Lazarev admits that he will never allow myself to have a relationship with a married woman, especially if a family grows a small child. “The gossip I hear all the time, because we are very close friends. I believe that she is one of the most beautiful girls on the stage, an incredible workaholic. Many are waiting for our Duo, plan for 2018. But Caroline is married — she has a wonderful husband, a wonderful beautiful daughter Sofia, with whom we get along very well. So our relationship is very warm, but within a reasonable for one simple reason — Ani Lorak proprietary, and I don’t steal from family!” — said Sergey.

And secondly, Sergey has officially stated he is not married! A secret wedding to a man — an invention of the spiteful critics. “By the way, write very often, I married (and that’s a nonsense, I attribute to marriage as women and men). I really want to dispel this rumor — I’m not married (on anyone!), in the near future is not going to. I’m very indifferent to the institution of marriage, do not believe that people should marry to prove their love, and the child can be born out of wedlock, most importantly, to be surrounded by love and attention”, — said Lazarev in an interview with Peopletalk.